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As a home or business owner in Kendall and Miami, FL property damage is always in the back of your mind during hurricane season. Prepare your home or office building for hurricane season with professional impact door installation. Exterior Home Services can equip you with hurricane-proof French doors, sliding glass doors or cabana doors that not only keep your property secure but also enhance your curb appeal.

Enhance & Protect Your Property With Our Impact Doors

If you need to replace your doors, why not choose our impact door installation? Impact-resistant doors have laminated glass to prevent shattering and wind suction. These highly durable doors can withstand heavy winds and pelting hail and rain. No matter what style or function you’re going for, Exterior Home Services has a hurricane door perfect for your home or business.With professional hurricane door installation, you can rest assured your home or office will be secure in any weather.

Brands We Work With

SIW Impact Windows and Doors is often hired for their impact windows. But when it comes to impact doors, you might be surprised to know that this company offers clients some of the most brilliant products that fit a customer’s ideal design of a door. In general, if you’re looking for an impact door that will protect your home, all without sacrificing good looks, then SIW Impact Windows and Doors is the go-to.

SIW Windows

What’s unique about SIW Impact Windows and Doors is that they always encourage clients to draft up a design for their doors. They’ll work with each customer every step of the way to ensure that the finished product comes out the way they want it to. Below are some impact door type they offer:

Ornamental Doors

SIW Impact Windows and Doors’ ornamental doors are crafted with the most powerful of impact-resistant glass. More so, to give them that elegant look, they are also constructed with wrought iron. Their inventory allows clients to choose from any number of different designs. Or if you wish, you can come up with a design of your own and they can help you in any way possible.

Decorative Entry Doors

SIW Impact Windows and Doors believes that entry doors are a reflection of your home’s architectural design and appearance. Having your entry door simply replaced with a normal impact door could ruin that design altogether. Which is why this company also offers clients the chance to choose from one of many designs for a new decorative entry door. Much like the ornamental door products, you can choose a design or create one for yourself.

French Doors

The SIW 500 series is the most popular and durable French door system on the market. Although these doors look elegant, their strength is unequal to any other similar product. These doors are constructed with a 5-point locking mechanism that engages the top, bottom, and side of a door. This way, no object or projectile can penetrate through.

PGT Windows

PGT is best known for their windows, but that doesn’t mean their doors are any less practical during hurricane season. PGT Windows offers customers the choice to choose impact doors from a wide assortment that’s categorized under three types: Sliding glass doors, French doors, and Cabanas.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you find that you need to replace a sliding glass door on your property with an impact-resistant one, then PGT Windows could prove to be the most helpful of businesses. Their expertise is versatile and they can construct an impact-resistant sliding glass door that best fits in the surrounding of your property’s location.

French Doors

PGT Window’s French Doors are built to withstand any force a hurricane can throw at you, all the while still being composed of an appealing stature. You’ll find that PGT Windows provides the ultimate in French Door protection and no other company can compete with their quality and affordability.

Cabana Doors

PGT Window’s Cabana Doors are not only made with impact-resistant glass, but are also constructed with powerful aluminum. These cabana doors blend in with almost any modern design and you’ll find that with their installment, the cabana door’s presence compliments your overall dwelling in general.

Enhance and protect
your property

If you’re curious about what types of doors we offer then continue below for a glimpse of some of the brands we work with. We aim to offer customers with as many options as possible. This way, you can find the right door that will benefit your specific needs. Contact Exterior Home Services today to learn more about our impact door installation solutions!




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